While Pioneer Oil Company, Inc. operates oil and natural gas wells, its support arms, Franklin Well Services and Pioneer Oil Field Services, offer a full line of operating support services. In cooperation with Franklin Well Services, we offer all of the products and services for complete well servicing. The following is an overview of what Franklin offers.


Drilling Fluids

  • Experienced drilling fluid engineers
  • Full line of Baroid drilling fluids
  • Daily mud checks by experienced engineers
  • Technical engineering services
  • 24-hour on-location service
  • Fluid type proposals and cost estimates
  • Products delivered in houses or on barges
  • Digital mud check reports


At Franklin, we pride ourselves in our specialty blends of cement, including Franklin High Yield I and Franklin High Yield II.  We have also offer expanding cement systems and thixotropic blends.

We offer a state of the art blending facility located in Lawrenceville, Illinois.

Our fabricating shops are continually designing and manufacturing new cement mixer/acid pumpers that keep our fleet updated and in good operation. We are planning additional cement and frac unit throughout the year.


Common acid types that Franklin supplies:

  • Mud Cleanup Acid (MCA)
  • Paraffin Acid (PAD)
  • Dolomite Soluble Acid (DSA)
  • Sandstone Mud Acid (SMA)
  • MIT Gel Service (to seal off those pesky small leaks on injection well annulus)

Our new acid bulk plant  has the capability of blending and loading any type of acid blend. Our facility now offers larger volume bulk storage, an all-new blending and mixing system, and digital flow meter readouts for more accurate and precise mixing of all loads.

Franklin Well Services can create specialty acid blends specific to the customer’s needs.


  • Linear gel and borate cross link gel systems
  • Computer monitor fracturing treatments in real time with graph and digital data points
  • Shows rate and pressure on graph
  • Shows BPM, GPM, PSI, Time, Stages, and any event message wanted