Illinois Basin

The Illinois Basin has been the focal point for Pioneer Oil Company since its inception over 41 years ago. At the office, we maintain well records for this region. We continue to explore this area for further development opportunities. Pioneer has established itself in the region as a company committed to domestic oil and gas production and environmental protection. We have been involved in several projects to improve the Illinois Basin. To this end, Pioneer has donated thousands of dollars to the Orphan Well Project, a project aimed at plugging abandoned wells and cleaning up the affected areas.


Pioneer Oil Company, Inc. has ventured into the gas industry by operating several wells in Kansas. Pioneer anticipates expanding the operations in this area. As such, Pioneer is commencing several new prospects, with anticipation of exploration activities on a yearly basis.


Pioneer Oil Company, Inc. has facilities in New Harmonie State Park, Indiana (left), and the Indiana State University campus, Terre Haute, Indiana (right).

Land Management

Sales and Transfers: If an interest is sold or otherwise transferred, please provide us with copies of the record assignment, deed, etc., showing the conveyance and the lease(s) and owner number(s) affected.

Affidavit of Heirship Form

Change of Address: All change of address requests must be submitted to our office in writing.  Please use the form provided below.

Change of Address Request Form

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